What Doesn’t Kill You – The Lyle Bauer Story

Just last month, the Canadian Cancer Society released a disturbing report. The report states that almost half of all Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. It’s a sobering thought that one in every two Canadians could be affected by this horrible disease at some point. This is why it has become even more important to continue our work with the Never Alone Foundation.
Over the past number of years many of you have encouraged me to document my football career and my battle with cancer as an effort to providing hope and inspiration for many who will face the challenges of cancer in their lives.

As a supporter of the Never Alone Foundation, it is my privilege to provide you with an invitation for an exciting new initiative that is going to provide assistance to many patients and their families who are or will be fighting cancer.

What Doesn’t Kill You provides insight into my life and fight on numerous fronts.  It is a story which I hope will make you angry and sad, but will also provide humor, happiness, and most of all, hope.

The net proceeds from What Doesn’t Kill You are going towards supporting the Never Alone Foundation and the CFLAA (Canadian Football League Alumni Association) Dire Needs Fund.  Both causes are obviously near and dear to my heart.

Because you’ve been such a valued supporter of the Never Alone Foundation, this advance offering comes with a few extra benefits like;

  • An autographed copy of the book
  • A Never Alone Foundation wrist band
  • A Never Alone Foundation pin
  • A chance to win an autographed Blue Bombers’ jersey
  • A chance to attend a game in a luxury suite with myself and other Bomber Alumni

Thank you for your consideration and specifically your support; past, present, and future.

Never Alone,

Lyle Bauer

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