Veteran CFL running back Jeff Johnson brings fitness program to condos

By Neil Sharma

A former real estate sales rep and Canadian Football League veteran is introducing an innovative, easy-to-use fitness program that is ideal for condominium buildings, where he feels gyms too often go under-utilized by residents.

Retired running back Jeff Johnson is a former 14-year CFL veteran, fitness instructor, and real estate sales rep. He won a Grey Cup with the Toronto Argonauts as a fullback in 2012. His wife Kelly has been involved in the fitness industry for over 15 years. As a personal trainer and instructor for multiple fitness disciplines, she’s trained everybody from fitness enthusiasts to Olympic athletes and runs her own business, Flow Into Fitness.

The two live and breathe wellness, and their shared ethos makes them natural candidates to import Wellbeats (formerly “Fitness on Request”), a popular exercise platform in the United States, to the Canadian market. It’s used in condominium and apartment buildings, military bases, retirement homes, and offices and facilities for large companies, such as Google and Intel.

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