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Dave Sapunjis: ’92 The Year To Remember

July 28, 2017 George Johnson Your Stamps Authority Mostly, what Dave Sapunjis remembers is the sheer joy, a little-kid sense of swagger and near-invincibility that permeated a season of accomplishment caught and held in time for a team, and a city. “When I look back on my career,” reminisces the standout home-brew receiver, “I cherish the ... More

Flutie’s arrival was perfect storm

July 28, 2017 George Johnson Your Stamps Authority Twenty-five years drift away in the blink of an eye as Doug Flutie thinks back on Nov. 29, 1992. “I’ve never been what you’d call great at celebrating, at enjoying the moment, you know?’’ the man selected by a TSN poll as the CFL’s greatest-ever player is saying, standing in the ... More