Performance Above Potential

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These are interview based podcast either in person or over Skype and each guest shares their experience as a PRO including their journey, overcoming adversity, what they’ve learned and advice they can share to help others.

At the end of each episode there is a forum for each guest to talk about what they are excited about and give them a platform to promote themselves or their businesses.

The focus right now is on current and retired Professional Football Players, Coaches and GM’s but will eventually will be branched out to PRO’s in other sports and business.

Each episode ranges between 30min and 1hour depending on the guest.

[standout-css3-button cssclass=”button-pinterest””]Episode 0 – My Personal Story[/standout-css3-button] [standout-css3-button cssclass=”button-pinterest””]Episode 1 – Kelly Butler[/standout-css3-button] [standout-css3-button cssclass=”button-pinterest””]Episode 2 – Eddie Steele[/standout-css3-button] [standout-css3-button cssclass=”button-pinterest””]Episode 3 – Geroy Simon[/standout-css3-button] [standout-css3-button cssclass=”button-pinterest””]Episode 4 – Kyle Walters[/standout-css3-button] [standout-css3-button cssclass=”button-pinterest””]Episode 5 – Brian Dobie[/standout-css3-button] [standout-css3-button cssclass=”button-pinterest””]Episode 6 – Troy Westwood[/standout-css3-button]

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