New Head At The Helm Of The Trojans For 2017

December 6th, 2016
Story by Aaron Wilgosh – PortageOnline
Photo Courtesy of PortageOlnine

New Head Coach Donald Burrell with outgoing Head Coach Brent Irwin at the table for last night’s Awards Banquet.

A new face will be leading the PCI Trojans on the field next year.

A new Head Coach was announced at their Awards Banquet at the Good Shepherd Church in Portage la Prairie. Former Winnipeg Blue Bomber player and Defensive Coach Donald Burrell will be stepping into the role as Brent Irwin’s stepped down at the end of this year.

“I’m kind of in awe a little bit, it’s kind of a surreal moment,” says Burrell on joining the club, and taking part in their awards celebration. “These guys were in the championship game so that’s kind of a tough act to follow. I’ve got my work cut out for me as a lot of great players will be leaving, but hopefully, I can replace them with just as talented of guys but it will be hard.”

Born and raised in Alabama, it’s no surprise Burrell has such a love for the game. After some time playing for Mississippi State, Burrell made an appearance in the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons. He spent a short time with the Falcons before heading up to the CFL where he spent his career in blue and gold with the Bomber, and after playing, he got right into coaching.

BURRELLBurrell giving a speech about his coaching philosophies and thanking the crowd for allowing him to be in attendance.

“I won the Manitoba Championship with the Winnipeg Hawkeyes. From there I’ve coached with the Blue Bombers, I’ve actually had 3 stints with the Blue Bombers, 1995-96, 08 and 09 with the Bombers. Now I’m the U-18 Provincial Head Coach and I’ve agreed to do that for one more season next summer.”

Burrell’s an Educational Assistant at PCI, as working with students is a true passion of his and something he’s looking forward to. He says it allows him to be close with his players, and he’s got high hopes for the team next season.

“Short of getting them back to the championship game, you don’t want to use the word failure, but short of getting them back to the championship game would be unsuccessful. My biggest job and what I’m going to do and work hard at is instilling some discipline and some love for the game so we can get them back to the championship game.”

Program Head Mark Diboll’s really excited about Burell joining the staff and the team, and he’s looking forward to the 2017 season. There will be more on the Trojans’ Awards Banquet at Portage Online tomorrow.

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