Men in Motion Presents: Actor & Former NFL/CFL Player Stevie Baggs

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This week’s Man iN Motion is the perfect example of the quote, “You can achieve anything in life, if you have the courage to dream it.” He is know as ‘Dr. Never Give Up’! Actor, former NFL & CFL player, author, brand ambassador, motivational speaker, and philanthropist are a few titles that he carries. Jeremiah 17:7 says: “Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, who’s confidence is in Him”. I am pretty confident in saying that this scripture fits him well. Please allow me to introduce to you Actor & former NFL/CFL player,  Mr. Stevie Baggs Jr.!

I was able to sit down and have a nice one-on-one with Stevie at the Dream Cafe (where he is the owner).  I learned that Stevie is a graduate of Bethune Cookman University with a Bachelor of Science in International Business. He was born and raised in the Fort Lauderdale/Pompano Beach area of Florida. He played professional football for 10 years in both the NFL & CFL leagues. He is the father of a beautiful little girl named Honor. He is an actor, author, motivational speaker, and founder of a non-profit organization called the CETA Foundation. He is also the health and wellness brand ambassador for the City of Atlanta as well as one of the brand ambassadors for a company called Young Living Essential Oils.

I was interested in how Stevie transitioned from playing professional football to acting on some very well known televisions shows & films. He shared that he had done a few things before such as appearances in music videos and other things here and there. However, he was given an opportunity to play an extra in the television show Necessary Roughness. What a blessing it was for that opportunity to turn into a speaking role and that role to open the door to a plethora of other television opportunities. Stevie has worked with or alongside of some heavy hitters in the television and film industry. He has been featured in the movie Focus with Will Smith, Tyler Perry’s television show For Better or For Worse, and who could forget Stevie when he starred on his own television show called Match Made In Heaven. The movie Dating in Atlanta was recently released where he plays alongside Jevon Dewand, Yung Joc, Dawn Halfkenny, and L. Warren Young to name a few. We are super excited to see Stevie in the new television series One Goode Man where he will be playing the lead!

   I also wanted to know a little more about the CETA Foundation. I learned that CETA stands for Creating Empowerment Through Autonomy. The CETA Foundation mobilizes people and resources to propel overall health and wellness. They provide innovative programs and services that focus on the whole person and improve the quality of life. Stevie shared with me that the organization is very active in the communities with their annual toy drives, an annual Arts & Athletics Symposium, an annual Bowl for A Cause event, a football camp, and an after school program.

With the amazing things that Stevie is involved in, I wanted to know what did he feel was his greatest achievement. He immediately answer with “my greatest achievement is being a father’. He goes on to say that regardless of the situation, him being a father was much bigger than him because the “Creator” allowed it to happen. “My daughter doesn’t belong to me. She belongs to who created me & who created her”, says Stevie. He says that his purpose on this earth is greater than even his daughter. He believes that he has to be obedient to what God has called him to be in addition to being a father.

I also wanted to know who did Stevie take his inspiration from. He told me that he is inspired by many people to include his parents, family, mentors, and his godmother the late Yvonne  Scarlett-Golden. With all the different organizations that Stevie has his hands in, I was interested in how he is able to maintain life balance. He told me that working out and doing what is need to preserve his “temple” helps him to maintain balance. Also, his international travel and speaking allows him to experience other cultures and “hit the reset button”.

Last but certainly not least of importance,  I wanted to know more about his book “Greater Than The Game”. Greater Than The Game is a book to help people find their worth beyond the game they are in. The book is based off of his personal testimony and provides many principles that are applicable to daily life. He explained that although football was one of his greatest teachers, it didn’t define who he was. Football gave him the platform and the experiences to pull from as he goes through everyday life. ‘Why have perfect eyesight but no vision’, is a saying that Stevie lives by. It simply means, that some people walk around and can physically see perfectly, but they have no idea or drive when it comes to the direction of their lives.

“If you are alive then you have purpose. If you have vision then you have to connect that vision and make it function to what you want to do in everyday life. We hold the key to our own destiny!”-Stevie Baggs Jr.

Stevie, it was an absolute honor to meet and interview you. There is a saying that the true character of a man is not what he does in front of a crowd. His true character is defined by what he does when no one else is looking. Continue to keep God as the center of your universe and watch how He continues to rain down blessings upon you! For your leadership and selfless service, we are honored to salute you as this week’s Man iN Motion!

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