We are pleased to provide you and your family with access to innoviCares– the free savings card that will help you save money on 100+ prescription medications and healthcare products at almost every pharmacy in Canada.

You can use your free innoviCares card along with any existing drug plan (public or private), or you can use innoviCares by itself. Keep in mind, many drug plans do not cover brand-name prescription medications and only cover the generic alternative. For this reason, you will benefit from having the innoviCares card- it will cover up to the extra cost to receive the brand-name medication!

So, if you prefer to stay on the brand-name medication as prescribed by your doctor, then your innoviCares card will help pay for the extra cost (in the case of 100+ participating brands, including some of the more commonly prescribed medications.)

How do you get a card?
Visit where you can sign up to get a card. It should take one or two minutes to fill out the sign up form (no payment information is ever required) and then you will receive your own unique innoviCares card -the card will always belong to you and will not expire.

lnnoviCares is an individual program which means it’s one card per person. Your family members can receive a card through the same quick sign-up process. Please also note you may choose to have a card mailed to you, and you can print the card for immediate use.

How does the card work?
Present your innoviCares card along with a prescription for any of the 100+ participating products, including those that treat issues such as cholesterol, diabetes, depression, pain, migraines, infections, sleep disturbances, high blood pressure, and cancer, among others.

The pharmacy will process your card just like any other drug plan card. Payment will be automatic and electronic. There will be no need to mail in receipts or wait for reimbursement.

To see the full list of covered medications and to get your free innoviCares card, please visit:


All trademarks for products used herein are the trademarks of their respective owners. The innoviCares card is designed to provide the user with specific o!erings. The user may still be responsible for additional costs not covered by their innoviCares card. Availability varies by province and territory. Individual programs may end at the manufacturers’ discretion.