Edmonton Eskimo Alumni Association

The Edmonton Eskimo Alumni Association has had a busy spring. Right now we are homeless as we have been FIFA’d from Commonwealth Stadium until the first week of July. By then the historic “Most Northern Game in CFL History” will have taken place in Ft. McMurray, Alberta with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Toronto Argonauts also taking part in the experience.

The EEAA has upgraded the Igloo Room with three new and larger smart TV’s allowing all guests and alumni to watch the replays and live feed while in the room. Our sound system has been rewired and speakers added to provide a clearer feed from the stadium system during games.

On May 23rd, we held our Annual Wine Fest with approximately 300 guests enjoying the afternoon: tasting approximately 70 wines, a sampling of beer and hors d’oeuvres. Our prize raffle again was successful and raised an additional $1700 for the Alumni. The experienced wine fest guests again had their box for wine registered and added to each time they found a wine they were planning on purchasing. If one waits until the end, often the wine of choice has already been sold out on site. Feedback from all was positive and there was great energy amongst the guests.

On June 5th the EEAA held their 25th Annual Golf Tournament at the Links. The weather cooperated and was in the mid to upper 20’s. Clouds came and went allowing a bit of cool off during the afternoon. Spolumbo’s sausage was a big hit at lunch with the burgers and our sponsors returned and ensured we had a great event again. This year we had 127 golfers, one short of our max and the banquet supper of Salmon and New York Strip was well received. Our auction realized approx. $5000 and our Football throw hole an additional almost $800. We don’t have the final numbers but again, our guests and sponsors gave us positive feedback about the experience. Once again our Volunteers of Alumni, their wives and close friends did a superb job of ensuring the event ran smoothly.

Our next major events are the military night in August, the 27th, against Toronto, where we present a worthy military recipient with a Grey Cup Package to enjoy the festivities in November in Winnipeg. Our major sponsor, Weldco Companies, the EE Football Club, the CFL Alumni Association and the EEAA all combine to offer a game event to 30 friends\fellow soldiers of the winner where he receives his Grey Cup Package with an on field presentation.

We are also busy coordinating a barbecue with the new 2015 EE Football team which has been an annual event for the Alumni to introduce themselves, explain the work of the Alumni and how we can assist the current players and their families if there is a need. As well we are examining ways to rejuvenate the EEAA Annual Family Picnic and bring everyone and their families to a social gathering to enjoy some time together.

Remember, if any fellow Alumni are in town during the season, contact us and join us in our Igloo Room and enjoy the company of your fellow Alumni while enjoying the game.

Hector Pothier
EEAA Board of Directors

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