Local Alumni Associations

      • Sponsorship revenue from National partnership deals negotiated by the CFLAA
      • Association updates via CFLAA email blasts, newsletter, social media & a full page ad in Alumni Update Grey Cup Magazine

Individual Player Benefits

Grey Cup

      • Priority Game Ticket Purchase
      • No cost or discounted costs to certain events
      • VIP transportation
      • Access to Alumni Activities over the week


Athabasca University Program

CFLAA Alumni Rings & Merchandise Opportunities

Freedom Mobile Program

Mark’s Commercial Clothing Program

Payline by ice Program

PrimeTime Sports Management Conference Discount

Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program

Canadian Sports Concussion Research Project

Pedersen Recovery Coaching Inc.

Once you are a member in good standing with a local alumni association you will be eligible for benefits. To access the details of the benefits for each company please contact
NOTE: A former player does not need to be a member of a local Alumni Association to receive financial support.

To find out more information about becoming a member please contact Leo Ezerins at or phone 905.464.0007.  He will forward your interest to the right local alumni association.