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The CFLAA Support Fund was created by members of the Canadian Football League Alumni Association (CFLAA) to offer support to fellow Alumni experiencing a medical challenge which has created a financial hardship.

The career in the CFL is short.  The salaries and pensions small compared to other professional leagues and other careers.  The post career medical benefits non-existent.  There is an old saying amongst Alumni.

“We never retire from a CFL career; we merely have a career change.”

There are NO other programs, plans or funds available.  The CFL Alumni Support Fund relies primarily on money we raise at the CFL Alumni Grey Cup Legends Luncheon and other events during the course of the year.  The fund also receives limited amounts from donations, CFLPA, CFL and local Alumni Associations.

Applications for the Alumni Support Fund are evaluated by a committee put together by the CFLAA. Applications and awarding of funds are, of course, confidential and are handled according to criteria approved by the Board. Funds are not given to the player directly, but rather to the health provider, pharmacist, or wherever makes the most sense.

We’ve been able to help out a number of our guys along the way.

Recently the CFLASF has helped cover medications for a 35-year-old former player who is fighting a rare form life threatening form of cancer and whose provincial plan does not cover some of the medications.  He is unable to work and is relying on a small government assistance.

A neighbour notified us of a former player who has a physical disability and has been struggling to make ends meet in some areas of his life. He was to the point he was selling personal belongings to pay for food and clothing.  The CFLASF now helps out with his monthly medication bills on an ongoing basis.

The background stories of these men are heart-wrenching.  We are glad for the alumni, family, friends, neighbours, and fans who help bring their plight to our attention so we can help.

We expect as it becomes more and more acceptable for men to share their personal situations and ask for help there will be more and more demand for support.   We also know that with the recent awareness and reality of the long term effects on the body and mind from playing football the demand will only increase.

We need to be financially prepared to help.  We need your help.


Whether you are applying for assistance yourself, or on behalf of a friend or loved one, complete the following application to the best of your knowledge and ability.  Completing the application will provide the CFLAA Support Fund with the information needed to understand the request for assistance, and where to consider directing any approved funding.

Direct your inquiries regarding the CFLAA Support Fund, the application review process, or to request assistance in completing this application, to  or simply call Leo Ezerins, 1-877-890-7272, Executive Director CFLAA

To forward an application for consideration, print out and complete the following application:

CFLAA Support Fund Application for Assistance (link)

Scan and email your completed application to:

 You will receive a confirmation email when your inquiry or application has been received.

Please be assured that any inquiry and/or information provided in this CFLAA Support Fund Application for Assistance will be handled in a confidential manner.