This year 2016 is the 40th Anniversary of the 1976 Grey Cup Win by The Ottawa Rough Riders. As of today a Committee has been struck to organize a Reunion for the Members and Friends of that Cup Winning Team. 1976 Reunion Weekend will be held July 29th to 31st (see Poster for full details Click Here). Please contact any one of the Names listed at the end of this email to indicate your interest.

We have been able to locate many of this team’s members’ email addresses but we are still missing a few thus the second reason for this email. If you played on this team or you have kept in touch with former team mates who played on this team we are looking for your assistance to locate contact information (mailing address; email address or telephone Number(s)) for the following players:

Mike Fanucci
Steve Gelley
Brian Gervais
Moody Jackson
Joe Miller
Bobby Myrick
Vern Roberson
Jeff Turcotte
Tuufuli Uperesa

If you have contact information for one of the above please forward that information along to the any of the following:

Jeff Avery: javery@coltonaverydeacon.com, 613-­797-4767
Jim Foley: jim@fols.ca, 613-299–6493
Gerry Organ: Gerry@onewayministries.ca, 613-219-0822
Bob Pekarchuk: rwpekar@gmail.com , 613-839-0296

so that it can be entered into our CFLOAA Database

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