The Canadian Football League Alumni Association’s vision is to foster a lifelong relationship between the Canadian Football League and its alumni providing support to its community and the larger community it serves.

CFLAA – Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategic Objectives

The Board reviewed its Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategic Priorities in light of the year’s activities and the Board self-appraisal results. The following was decided:

CFLAA Mission: The CFLAA unites former CFL Players in support of:

  • sport, youth, and health-related and charitable causes;
  • former CFL players experiencing a medical challenge that creates a financial hardship; and
  • promoting football in the community

CFLAA Vision; “The CFLAA fosters a lifelong relationship between the Canadian Football League and its alumni, and provides support to alumni, to football in Canada, and to other communities it serves.”

CFLAA Values; “In carrying out its mission, the CFLAA values community, tradition, support, connection, fellowship, and service.”

CFLAA Strategic Priorities 2015:

1. Work with partners to facilitate communication between the CFLAA and club alumni associations while adding benefits, services, and programs that promote fellowship and advance each organization’s goals and the CFL tradition.

2. Raise funds for the CFL Alumni Support Fund Board and promote its guidelines and criteria among the CFL alumni community.

3. Participate in programs that provide insight into sport-related brain injuries and other health related issues.

4. Provide good governance and management for the Association to ensure long term effectiveness and financial viability.


CFLAA – Background


Founded in 2008, the Canadian Football League Alumni Association (CFLAA) has a primary purpose goal to unite all the local CFL team Alumni Associations and its membership of former players.

Membership in the CFLAA is optional, unlike current players where membership in the CFL Players Association (CFLPA) is mandatory.  We currently have close to 2,000 members across Canada and the United States.

Our initial financial support is provided by the CFL and the Board of Governors’, CFLPA, and local Alumni Associations. Other revenue sources include donations, sponsorships, event, appearance fees, and licensing fees.

The CFLAA is governed by a Board of Directors.  Each local Alumni Association has a selected designate to represent their interests.

The primary beneficiary of our fundraising efforts is the CFL Alumni Support Fund (CFLASF). The CFLASF was created to help make a difference to alumni and their families by offering support to those experiencing financial challenges due to medical hardship. The CFLAA has supported the Never Alone Foundation through the Never Alone Rose Project, Alzheimer’s Canada, and Canadian Sports Concussion Center.

As well, the CFLAA has recently created Emergency or Compassionate Grants for those who find themselves in immediate need of financial support as a result of life circumstances. We help CFLAA members who face eviction, funeral expenses or other credit issues. In these cases, payment is made directly to the debtor.  The expectation is for the CFLAA member to reimburse the organization either in cash or in community volunteerism or a combination of both.

Our goal is to strengthen and grow our family so we continue to be there for one another, the community who supported us, the game we love, the league we helped build, and the fans of our league!

The family aspect includes the current CFL organizations and their players.  We believe it is important to help grow the business of OUR LEAGUE.  It helps to keep us relevant.

The present CFL Alumni Association Board of Directors – President, Brett MacNeil, Winnipeg; Secretary/Treasurer, Robert Bronk, Toronto; Dave Richardson, Hamilton; J.T. Hay, Calgary; Terry Bulych, Saskatchewan; Jim Cain, Ottawa; Ian Mofford, Montreal; and Past President, Hector Pothier, Edmonton; Executive Director/Founder, Leo Ezerins; Governance, Linda Wood Edwards.