A Young Boys Memories

I remember….

I was fortunate enough to be a young boy when the Esks were in their dynasty years of the late 70’s and early 80’s, and like most I remember the Highbaugh’s, Hollimon’s, Cutler’s, Kelly’s, Fennell’s, Estay’s and Kepley’s but as importantly I remember, and appreciate, so many that didn’t have Schenley’s or Grey Cup rings. I remember these guys because they came and ran football camps for us as pee-wee players… and I would’ve remembered them whether they’d won a lot or not.

I remember that Kepley sent me a birthday card and autographed picture when I was 7 years old after my dad left a note under his windshield wiper telling him of his young fan. I got to tell him that story some 30 years later when he was a coach with the Esks. I believe he remains a guy that doesn’t understand how deep the love for him goes, and not just as a football player, from those of us that watched him bleed for the city and the jersey.

I remember guys like Steve Krupey, Sheldon Benoit and Terris Chorney from meeting them outside of football and understanding that they were normal guys that were part of something that I deemed exceptional.

I also remember guys like Dan Runge, a rangey, tall receiver that played a few seasons in the mid-80’s and Blake Ezor, the guy we chose over Mike Pringle. I remember guys that were Eskimos but never played a game for us, like Brett MacNeil, and guys that played for us multiple stints like Troy Mills and Rashad Jeanty. After my first cut at this article, I was asked, “who is it you remember and why”, and I guess the point I was trying to get across is that we remember you all, and in some cases for no particular reason than you pulled on a uniform and played a game for our entertainment. You were therefore larger than life, and there are those of us out here that didn’t get to live life in the locker room as part of a team that would hang on your every word as you told stories of what it was like. When I hear of CFL Alumni feeling like they are forgotten, it saddens me, as there are a lot of fans out here that would love to have a vehicle to show our appreciation and let you know that it just isn’t the case.

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