President’s Message

President’s Message 2015

The CFLAA faces the same ongoing challenges that every other organization does when it comes to communication of information to the membership. An organization like the CFLAA is spread out across the country and this adds an even bigger challenge when it comes to keeping everyone informed. Each representative from the local Alumni Associations plays a huge part in keeping the messages of the CFLAA ongoing and current. Our membership should be aware of what events and activities their CFLAA is involved with. If you, a member of one of our Alumni Associations across the country does not feel that you have an understanding of what activities the CFLAA is involved in, then call your team rep, check out the CFLAA website and ensure you read the newsletters that the CFLAA puts out several times a year to keep you aware and informed of the issues.

If you do not receive information directly from the CFLAA then your local organization has chosen to be the party that will pass on CFLAA information to you. We have several regional CFL Alumni Associations that require us to pass CFLAA information to you through the local organizations leadership. Therefore we do not always know who has received the information we provide directly to some of our membership.

Recently the Edmonton Eskimos Alumni Organization was the benefactor of communication that was shared from the CFLAA to the membership. Ken Cherwinski, a former member of the Winnipeg Blue Bomber Organization, who now resides in Edmonton, saw that we were holding our EEAA Golf Tournament and called to volunteer. He was of great assistance to us and is planning to become an associate member with the EEAA and participate in activities we are involved in. In talking with Ken it became apparent that we need to continue to get the message out about the CFLAA and the ability of fellow Alumni to join the local Alumni in the city in which they now reside and take part in the fellowship which is one of the key reasons we gather.

If you are not checking out our CFLAA website regularly, you should. Leo Ezerins, our Executive Director, does an excellent job of keeping the information current, which allows our membership to be aware of activities going on around the country. It is a sharp, informative website and allows you to access current information quite readily. Leo is always interested in the members feedback or input on ideas for adding to or improving areas of the website. Take the time to share any feedback you think would be of interest to the membership that we currently don’t include.

As I look at the roster of the Boards of our Alumni Associations across the country, it is important that we reach out to our younger Alumni in each of our cities and encourage them to participate and take on some of the roles necessary to keep our organizations vibrant. Many of us have been involved for many, many years in our local Alumni Organizations and are working hard to find younger members to take up the mantle of leadership that is necessary for new ideas, fresh enthusiasm and fellows that can put in the energy that many of our activities require to be run successfully.

The football season brings the dream of our teams winning the Grey Cup are percolating amongst the fans and Alumni. Good luck to all our clubs and I hope it is a wonderfully competitive season that keeps us all glued to watching the games.

Hector Pothier, President of the CFLAA