Local Alumni Associations

      • Sponsorship revenue from National partnership deals negotiated by the CFLAA
      • Association updates via CFLAA email blasts, newsletter, social media & a full page ad in Alumni Update Grey Cup Magazine

Individual Player Benefits

Grey Cup

      • Priority Game Ticket Purchase
      • No cost or discounted costs to certain events
      • VIP transportation
      • Access to Alumni Activities over the week


Athabasca University Program

CFLAA Alumni Rings & Merchandise Opportunities

Freedom Mobile Program

Mark’s Commercial Clothing Program

Payline by ice Program

PrimeTime Sports Management Conference Discount

Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program

Canadian Sports Concussion Research Project

Once you are a member in good standing with a local alumni association you will be eligible for benefits. To access the details of the benefits for each company please contact
NOTE: A former player does not need to be a member of a local Alumni Association to receive financial support.

To find out more information about becoming a member please contact Leo Ezerins at or phone 905.464.0007.  He will forward your interest to the right local alumni association.